Lorrine Lazaro

Lorrine is a curious and tidy young girl whose thirst for knowledge is matched only by her love for cleanliness. She immerses herself in the world of pictures, especially drawn to books filled with vibrant illustrations that fuel her imagination. Outside, the rhythmic sway of the swings beckons to her, offering a sense of freedom and joy as she soars through the air with a gleeful smile. Amidst playful afternoons, Lorrine's inquisitive nature shines brightly as she bombards those around her with endless questions. Yet, even amidst her quest for knowledge, she finds solace in the simple pleasure of throwing balls, finding joy in the precision of each toss and the satisfying thud as they land on target. With a heart full of wonder and a joy for cleanliness, Lorrine navigates the world with a sense of purpose and delight.
Age: 3
Gender: Female
Location: Tanzania
Child ID: 103