International Minority Hub (IMH) is a non-profit 501c3 organization, created to provide Minority groups, Refugees and Immigrants with a “one-stop” solution for resourceful information and access to valuable resources. At IMH, we believe that life is a journey with lessons to be learned. We understand that Minority groups, Refugees and Immigrants (RIM’s) want to learn to walk on the right path and share in the American Dream to achieve their life goals but often lack the right information at the time to do so.

IMH actively steps in as a guide, helping them to navigate their journey by giving them powerful tools to ensure they are well equipped with information and networks that help them learn and grow so that they can take their next steps on their journey and successfully integrate into their communities.

Our focus is to empower and elevate their status from dependents to independents who are able to contribute value back into their families and communities.

Do not let what you cannot do tear your hands from what you can

At international Minority Hub (IMH) we believe that when Minority groups, Refugees and Immigrants (RIM’s) are given access to the right information by the right people, and at the right time, positive transformational results are produced.

Our Mission

Connecting services and resources to Minority groups, immigrants and refugees to enhance their well being and create a stronger community through networking.