Gudlucky Faustine

Meet Gudlucky, a vibrant young boy whose passion for both athleticism and creativity knows no bounds. With the wind in his hair and a smile on his face, he dashes across fields, leaving a blur of determination in his wake as he races towards the soccer goal. Off the field, his rhythmic beats echo through the air as he loses himself in the exhilarating world of drumming, each strike of the drum expressing his boundless energy and spirit. When not in motion, Gudlucky retreats to his quiet sanctuary, where he immerses himself in the enchanting realms of writing and drawing within the pages of his treasured drawing book. His love for literature draws him to the library, where he eagerly explores new worlds and ideas, fueling his imagination and thirst for knowledge. With a heart full of passion and a mind brimming with creativity, Gudlucky embraces each moment with a fulfillment of life that is truly infectious.

Age: 5
Gender: Male
Location: Tanzania
Child ID: 97