Patrick Moses

Patrick is a brilliant young mind with an insatiable thirst for knowledge that extends across all academic subjects. From solving math problems, Patrick's intellect shines brightly in every classroom endeavor. However, his love for learning doesn't end with academics; Patrick is also the first to eagerly join in on games, displaying remarkable teamwork skills and an unwavering commitment to his peers. On the soccer field, he showcases his agility and strategic prowess. Off the field, Patrick can be found immersed in the pages of a book, devouring stories with a voracious appetite for adventure, or crafting his own tales with a pencil in hand. With his boundless curiosity, exceptional academic prowess, and natural knack for teamwork, Patrick is a remarkable young boy who effortlessly balances his love for learning with his passion for play.

Age: 4
Gender: Male
Location: Tanzania
Child ID: 83