Hagai Kivuyo

Hagai has a dynamic whirlwind of passion and curiosity. With a soccer ball at his feet, he dances across the field with finesse, his eyes gleaming with determination and joy. Off the pitch, his rhythmic beats on the drums resonate through the air, mirroring the pulsating rhythm of his adventurous spirit. Hagai's love for dance infuses every movement with energy and grace, as he effortlessly grooves to the music. Amidst his playful pursuits, he eagerly dives into the realms of learning, finding joy in mastering the intricacies of mathematics and the beauty of language through his ABC's. Yet, it's in the realm of science that Hagai truly shines, his insatiable curiosity leading him on thrilling explorations of the natural grounds, where every discovery sparks new excitement and wonder. Hagai's boundless enthusiasm for life makes him a vibrant presence wherever he goes, inspiring those around him to embrace the joy of discovery and the thrill of exploration.

Age: 4
Gender: Male
Location: Tanzania
Child ID: 107